AML Policy

The main objectives of our AML Policy are:

  • To protect the interests of our customers, by taking all reasonable steps to execute their transactions in a legal and fully compliant to the Laws and Regulations.
  • To protect the reputation of the Company, by taking all reasonable steps for exercising appropriate CDD in all business functions so as to deter the use of the Company’s products and services for ML/FT, and all those persons that are involved in criminal activities, including terrorism and proliferation.
  • To protect the Company’s assets, its management team, and its employees from being used for transactions related to money laundering, terrorism financing, and proliferation.
  • To avoid any financial losses that may result from criminal and or civil legal proceedings, or regulatory sanctions or penalties which might result from unwitting involvement in money laundering, terrorism financing, or proliferation.

The Company is declaring the following:

  • Identifies the customer before establishing a business relationship.
  • Maintains static data, and has a proper KYC procedure, for every customer executing any type of transaction.
  • Collects, scans, and store a valid and official Identification Document.
  • Executes customer due diligence for every transaction executed.
  • Undertakes enhanced due diligence for high-risk customers, or customers that want to execute high-value transactions.
  • Is not accepting any type of business relationship with shell banks, or shell companies, or executes transactions on behalf of third parties that do not have an approved legal right to execute transactions for.
  • Implements adequate controls, to identify, investigate, and report any suspicious transactional behavior.
  • Complies with all applicable sanctions imposed by specific sanctions regimes, especially United Nations Security Council, and directives and instructions given by the Regulators.
  • Executes frequent, independent audits, from internal and external auditors, so as to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the AML/CFT Compliance and Sanctions Program.
  • Provides ongoing training to all employees of the Company for AML/CFT.

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