e Accounts the payment service which offer seamless financial payments with ease and convenience to individual and corporate such as home remittances, foreign visits, business payments, foreign living expenses, utility payments, merchant services are guided by respective central bank rules & regulations.

e Accounts integrate with ePay card specially designed for business that gives a safe, convenient way to send and receive payments instantly anytime, anywhere - in just a few clicks. It provides confidence to registered account holder the ability to pay and receive payments globally in 40 currencies.

Opening an e Account is easy and instantly one have virtual visa account, which one can use to make payments anywhere visa is accepted online or by IVR.

e Account allows to collect money on ePay card in multi currency from merchants,individual and institutions with speed and ease – even if current payment methods tend to be slow and cumbersome in your region.

With few exceptions, e Account or e-Pay prepaid cards can be issued to just about anyone, anywhere globally who provide required documents such as ID proof, address proof and bank statement, and can collect your money instantly. No more waiting weeks – or longer – for a check to arrive in the post.

And once an e-Pay card account open, you will have convenient to access your money - even if you don't have a bank account. Keep your funds save on your e-Pay virtual visa card segregate account and also use for online or IVR purchases. You can also use bank transfer feature to move all or some of your funs to your personal bank account or to any your registered e-money account with other e money service provider.

In addition, ePay card offers great features and services:

Bank transfers : Move your money around freely with via bank transfer. It gives you the added flexibility of using your personal bank account as a funding source for your ePay account.

Security : ePay card is high secure with 2 way authentication and with encrypted transactions.

Business : ePay card can boost sales and revenue by removing the obstacles that often make sending and receiving money slow,tedious and expensive. Our virtual prepaid cards make payments fast, simple and cost-effective for both consumers and merchants.

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