We’re committed to keeping fees low.

Using your AtwPay wallet to pay online at a retailer that accepts AtwPay is free
Receiving money into your AtwPay account is free
Uploading funds into your AtwPay account is usually free – some options involve a small charge, which will be clearly stated
Sending money to an email address or another AtwPay wallet costs 1% of the amount sent, with the charge capped at €10

Online Remittances:

For country wise rate please check Online Money Transfers 

Subject to operating hours, availability, local laws/regulations and compliance requirements. Funds availability in your receiver's account varies depending on destination country and are subject to banking hours and systems availability, good funds availability, approval by verification systems and local laws and regulations.

Business Payments: 

At ATW, we’ve taken the complexity out of international trade payments. Send and receive payments using our global business payment network with fee as low as $10.

Cards :

Load, reload prepaid cards almost fee $0.


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