AtwPay an Online Payment Gateway.

We help businesses to collect  payments from debit/credit cards, e wallets and net banking.

In today’s 21st-century world of commerce, being able to accept credit cards is essential to building your business. Whether you have a cosmetic store or an online business, AtwPay will offer fast, secure credit card processing for your company. As a top-tier Merchant Account Provider, we’ll support your company from start to finish with a complete Payment Acceptance solution. We’ll help you set up a credit card processing account, credit card machine or terminal, or a payment gateway for your business. Our customer service team is here to help you decide what solution is best for your needs. Choosing an e-commerce provider that performs internet credit card processing a tricky task.

The first step to making a well-informed decision is understanding what credit card merchant services actually are. Many people don’t even think about what goes into securely processing payments either online or at cosmetic businesses. They simply type in a number and hit the buy button, or hand over their card or cash and wait for the receipt. Most online shoppers trust their credit card number is secure with larger companies, but when stories surface of credit card databases being hacked, they tend to become leery of handing over their credit card. If you’re an established store owner, you’re getting ready to open up a business, or you’re shopping around for another provider, you’ve likely figured out the importance of choosing the right merchant credit card processing services for your company – for both you and your customers.


AtwPay, a qualified internet credit card processing provider, is here to help you accept credit cards online. We’re a registered with for Visa, MasterCard, Union and Rupay, and offer you the ability to accept American Express, Diners Club and JCB. Our advanced tools allow you to authorize and accept payments in real-time or process them in batches, and you can also set up secure recurring payments thanks to our payment tokenization quality. We even offer mobile processing products that allow you to scan cards and conduct transactions anywhere you have an internet connection.


In addition to our leading payment processing technology, we offer an alternative to bigger online merchant account providers with our competitive pricing and excellent customer service. We believe in actively nurturing business relationships, and are here for you at every stage of your business development. As a trusted company  since 2002, we’re certain your experience with us will be a pleasant and fruitful.

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