Regulatory Advice

Atw can help an organization manage its regulatory,statutory compliance obligations. Our assistance will help you create a comprehensive compliance governance structure, automating compliance reporting and embedding compliance management into “business as usual”. We have brought together our legal, risk, tax and technology competencies to help you respond to your statutory compliance risk effectively.

We can help you to:

  • Build your compliance register (list of compliance obligations) across all applicable laws – corporate, secretarial, tax, environment, health, safety, labor, industrial and regulatory requirements by HKMA, SFC, Customs and Excise Dept, RBI,FCA, SMA etc.
  • Automate compliance tracking and reporting through Atw's proprietary technology application, the Compliance Manager
  • Define appropriate compliance governance and oversight mechanisms
  • Keep your legal inventory current through updates and alerts
  • Perform compliance reviews across legal areas to identify gaps and suggest measures to improve existing compliance processes

Our team, comprising lawyers, company secretaries, regulatory specialists and tax advisors has significant experience of helping over 20 clients in preparing compliance checklists, implementing compliance frameworks across different industries and geographies, conducting compliance audits and reviews.


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