Regulatory Disclosures

Atw is incorporated and certified in Hong Kong, India, Singapore, UAE & UK.

Atw is a privately holding company, and soon it is to become public listed company with Hong Kong stock exchange.

Global Financial Centres

Hong Kong
Atw Exchange, Atw (hk) Limited is a licensed Money Service Operator has its holding office in Hong Kong along with a wide network of 3 branches across Hong Kong, Kowloon and New territory. The exchange house is well known for its customer centric approach and value-laden service provides safe, reliable and quick services for its customers to send money to their loved ones across borders. Apart from sending money, customers can also get their foreign currency exchanged at the most competitive exchange rates and also offers value-added services such as utility bill payments, credit card payments etc. to its customers. Registered with Registrar of companies, Hong Kong.


United Kingdom
Atw Exchange, London operations began in October 2016. Since then Atw Exchange has been constantly growing by garnering the trust of customers and today operates 2 branches in UK. Registered with Registrar of Companies House, United Kingdom.

United Arab Emirates
Atw Ltd, Dubai operations began in October 2012. This center operates with two branches, serves global markets, and provides cohesive and direct online remittance services for all its customers. Registered with Registrar. of RAK FTZ, United Arab Emirates.

Atw Forex & Travel (India) Pvt Ltd is an Indian arm of Atw (hk) Ltd. Atw Exchange was incorporated as a private company on 25th May 2004 with registered office at Hyderabad-29, Telangana and Licensed by Reserve Bank of India as an authorised dealer category in foreign exchange services. Atw Exchange offers best rate and service for outward/inward remittances, foreign currency exchange, traveller’s card, traveler’s cheque and other services through 3 branches spread across India. Registered with registrar of companies, ministry of corporate affairs government of India. Trademark registrar, Government of India.

Atw Exchange, Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority, Government of Singapore.

Atw Exchange, Registrar Corporations Canada.

Global Liaison Offices
Our liaison offices in Australia, Bangladesh, China, India, Philippines, United Kingdom and United States play a key role in driving process efficiencies and foreign exchange best practices. The hub of two critical processes – customer service and accounts reconciliation – these back office centers comprise dedicated infrastructure and teams of professionals that liaise with banks, monitor remittance transactions, and ensure seamless account reconciliation.

List of Regulatory Authorisations

Atw is authorised,regulated by central banks and regulatory bodies such Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Customs & Excise Department( Hong Kong), Singapore Monetary Authority, Reserve Bank of India, Central Bank of UAE, SBP, Bank of Indonesia ,Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and Financial Conduct Authority,

Atw is continuously expanding its global presence, soon to be authorised and regulated by Bank of Canada, Reserve Bank of Australia and Bank Negara Malaysia.



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