Remittance Cards


Features and Benefits

Zero balance card with no recurring/annual/usage charges.

Worldwide 24-hour cash access. You can access your dedicated funds in local currency at ATMs in over 150 countries.

Card validity period for up to 10 years.

Secure option for receiving and carrying cash.

Anytime cash withdrawal facility from over VISA ATMs.

Higher daily cash withdrawal limit options.

Direct purchases at over merchant establishments using VISA POS terminals.

IKIT contents

Remit2world card IKIT contents

A Welcome letter

Remittance Card

Remittance ID Card (mentions the account number of your beneficiary Remittance Card)

Remittance Card guide

Terms and conditions for the Remittance Card

ATM PIN for the primary Remittance Card

Infinity user name

Infinity password

Card pouch for carrying the card

Acknowledgment slip


Remittance Card is the most convenient way of to send money across the world to the designated country in local currency. It is a local currency denominated Visa card on which the remitter can send money to beneficiary. It allows the cardholder to withdraw cash at any ATMs and make payments at merchant establishments.

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