Welcome to Atw Exchange. We provide ATW payroll service.

ATW helps to make payments to salaries, insurance, loans, credit cards bills, mortgages, attorney and school fee etc

ATW payroll service

For employees,sailors and workers of daily wages that do not have access to a personal bank account, ATW payroll service can arrange for the pay of an employee to be loaded onto the ATW payroll card, which is a plastic card similar to a debit card. A payroll card functions like a debit card and allows an employee to access their pay. ATW payroll card can be more convenient than cashing a pay cheque, because the card can be used at participating automatic teller machines to withdraw cash or in stores to make purchases. ATW payroll cards are cheaper than payday loans available from cheque cashing stores, but others are not.ATW payroll cards are charge free if used at an selected ATM’s

The ATW payroll card account may be held as a single bank account in the employer's name. In that case, the bank account holds the payroll funds for all employees of that company using the payroll card system, and an intermediary limits each employee's draw to an amount specified by the company for a specified pay period. ATW payroll card programs establish a separate account for each employee. ATW payroll card accounts are regulated by monetary authority, tax departments, provident fund and insurance companies .

ATW payroll Card:

ATW payroll system also services to its payroll card holder that the pay period and the taxes and any other deductions the employer is required to make by law; as well as other personal deductions such as retirement plan or pension contributions, insurances, garnishments, or charitable contributions taken out of the gross amount to arrive at the final net amount of the pay, also including the year to date totals in some circumstances.

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