AtwPay technology combines advanced high level security with optimal system performance:

Protection Integrated from launch
AtwPay platform specially designed to provide advanced security measures including: card encryption, SSL, IP Whitelisting and undergoes periodic penetration testing. The gateway is highly secure and has achieved Level 1 PCI-DSS compliancy.

Transactions in the Right Place at the Right Time
AtwPay use of smart routing makes it possible for merchant payments to be intelligently routed to the best payment location; where your particular transaction is most likely to be authorized at that moment.

Flexible Scalability – Seasonal events and holidays
AtwPay payment processing gateway is always scalable to your needs in real-time, wherever you are in the world. In case of large scale events or holidays, When transactions occur 10x more than average, we ensure that overall system performance is maintained.

Uptime – All the Time
AtwPay abundant hosting locations are designed for maximum availability, ensuring service all the time. In case of a failure, all payment traffic is diverted to a secondary site That seamlessly continues the process.

Token Gateway System
AtwPay token system represents each debit/credit card in the form of a token. Once debit/credit card details are received, AtwPay securely stores them in its PCI compliant vault where they are encrypted and a token is generated. The merchant receives the encrypted token and is able to provide recurring customers with a seamless user experience as previous purchasing details have been recorded. This prevents hackers from stealing sensitive payment information from merchants as the debit/credit card numbers are no longer in the merchant’s database.

Unique User Profiles
AtwPay provides additional user protection for merchants, through a unique profile that includes a merchant-generated user ID and payment details. The first time a new customer processes a transaction, AtwPay stores their user profile information; for subsequent transactions, AtwPay simply retrieves payment details according to the customer’s unique user ID. This way, AtwPay relieves merchants of their PCI Burden.

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