In the dynamic travel and hospitality industry, choosing the right travel merchant account, payment platform and offering the right payment solutions are essential to success. Recognising the need to offer both international and local payment solutions, AtwPay strives to assist travel merchants with their daily transactions. We offer customisable account solutions, state of the art gateway technology systems and we process all major credit and debit cards and as well as alternative payment solutions.


Our unique offer provides you with the opportunity to increase your conversion ratio, market reach and customer satisfaction while lowering your distribution costs through our multicurrency acceptance and multiple payment solutions.

Airline interchange handling ability to accept regional and worldwide airlines by providing access to local interchange fees and features.

Level 3 data provides itinerary data and manages the exchange of reservations, e-tickets and check-in messages between industry partners around the world.

Differentiating payments by card type – debit vs. credit – and price this accordingly

Access to an unrivalled network of Asian, European, US and Offshore banks that helps provide exceptional global payments coverage.

Worldwide acceptance of Amex, Diners, Discover, JCB and UATP.

Multicurrency acceptance and multiple payment solutions (cards and alternative payment solutions).

Our broad currency coverage increases the efficiency of multi-currency payments and reduces settlement risks and costs.

Create geographically targeted payment options on your website.

Reduce fraud and scams with our top-quality fraud scrubbing techniques and risk management tools.

Integrate the payment gateway with booking engines.

Improved business planning and forecasting.

Payment portfolio optimisation with the help of our dedicated team.

Customised e-reporting and analysis options allow you better forecasting and business planning.


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